Do I Need Vision Insurance?

Do I Need Vision Insurance?

Your eyes are a vital body organ. With them, you see your loved ones, watch your favorite movies, and send visual information to your brains. The eyes see about 200 degrees in all directions, including things in front and to your side (peripheral vision). 

With all these functions, we cannot afford to neglect our eyes or allow our vision to go bad. Therefore, we should invest in eye care. However, like most medical treatments, eye care is pricey, but thankfully, you can pay for it by getting vision insurance. 

Vision insurance offers many benefits. But despite its advantages, most people ask if they need to buy a plan. In this article, we answer the question: do I need vision insurance? and also shed light on what this insurance policy covers.

Do You Need Vision Insurance? 

Generally, it is prudent for everyone to buy vision insurance, whether or not they have an existing eye problem. One of the benefits you enjoy with vision insurance is an eye exam, which you need to get at least once a year. 

Someone with an eye problem will need eye care and checkups more than once a year. When you compare the cost of each consultation, you will find that having insurance coverage is more beneficial. Also, aside from eye care, a vision insurance policy covers contact lenses and prescription eyeglasses. 

If you have a family with a history of eye defects or poor vision, the insurance will cover everyone’s treatment and pay for eyeglasses. You can buy family coverage that includes your spouse, children, and dependents. 

However, note that most vision insurance plans do not include surgery. You’ll have to rely on your standard health insurance for surgical procedures, but you can get a discount on corrective surgery. So, ultimately, if you have an existing eye problem or a family history of eye disease, a vision insurance plan is good for you. 

However, if you do not and only need a routine check once a year, you can choose not to buy a policy. But we recommend you only make this decision after comparing the cost of an eye checkup with a vision insurance policy. 

In conclusion, a vision insurance plan pays for your eye care and keeps you from spending out of pocket. As such, it is better to have one than not. Plus, vision insurance policies are affordable and less expensive than other coverage. 

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