How to Find Dental Insurance with No Waiting Period

How to Find Dental Insurance with No Waiting Period

Dental insurance policies cover many costs associated with dental care. From preventative services to fillings, root canals, and even oral surgery, it allows people to afford to keep up with a healthy smile. 

Some people get dental insurance through their medical insurance plans, while others subscribe to a stand-alone policy. Most of these plans are straightforward and have a waiting period before new members can complete costly procedures. 

Keep reading to learn more about what a dental insurance waiting period is, why policies have them, and how to find dental insurance with no waiting period.  

Why Some Dental Insurance Policies Have a Waiting Period

While some dental insurance policies don’t have waiting periods, most do. While this can be frustrating when you’re looking forward to having a costly procedure covered, waiting periods significantly minimize dental insurance costs. When a policy doesn’t have a waiting period, new members may drop their coverage following a costly treatment, which increases the premiums for both parties.

Waiting periods can be anywhere from 90 days to six months and up. They’re generally in place for some basic services and most major dental work. However, members may immediately receive the most basic services, such as teeth cleanings, X-rays, and examinations.  

Finding Dental Insurance with No Waiting Period

There are some types of dental insurance plans out there that don’t come with a waiting period. If you need benefits immediately, consider the following options.

DHMO Plans

Dental health maintenance organization (DHMO) plans allow members to see an in-network dentist or provider at a lower cost than they would be required to pay without coverage. This type of plan typically has no waiting period, maximum, or deductible.  

Dental Insurance for Veterans

If you’re a veteran, look into the Veterans Affairs Dental Insurance Program (VADIP). This type of insurance is available only to veterans. In addition to special dental insurance benefits, this plan has no waiting period. 

Employer-Provided Dental Insurance Plan with No Waiting Period

Many people get their dental coverage from their employer or through AARP if they’re retired. Some employer-provided plans don’t have waiting periods. If you’re on a dental insurance plan through your employer, contact the HR department at your workplace to ask about the group plan and whether there’s a waiting period. Contact Goldstein Health for more information on the dental insurance plans above and other options.